Some may not infer the symptoms of poetic temper Consider this to be a phase of infirm thoughts of a solitary mind Certainly not confined to the bed, but visiting places unexplored Words are perceived to be spewing delirious sentiments Unaware of the thrill of an undeciphered insanity in mysterious rhythm It is that asymptomatic passion stirring the soul For these thoughts may be impoverished … Continue reading Delirium


Age itself cannot escape aging; feeble and incoherent with change Changes tide over it without mercy while many shores are washed away Ideas are hurriedly huddled in oddly shaped archipelago A new age has different expectations, for life will course towards these islands Like powerful magnets of the earth, they have a magical charm on them Is it naive that a sudden surge of energy … Continue reading Age


Not happy with the narrative There is propensity to trivialize Epic moments can be silent None of the usual heroics Daily struggles and their memoirs Adding pages after pages Chronicles of a life struggling With the parallel narrations Derailing the continuity Thoughts come to a halt Silence and unsure times Increases the pace of heartbeat The World waits for a decision Seeking hurried compensation For … Continue reading Atonement

Away from Sleep

Sometimes sleep is unsure of embracing the restless soul Truth’s subtle knock on the closed door; an unknown visitor Time to dwell on the possibilities of such rare translations Quell the desires of duality born from unsure decisions It is a welcome distraction from the daily errands of futility Half smiling Moon and evocative winds discuss the rumors If this is not a dream without … Continue reading Away from Sleep

Uncomfortable Time

It’s one of those days when it’s difficult understanding the pace Reluctant feet wish to stay behind the crowd while the heart feels uneasy Sudden wave of cold washes away the courage to some unknown land Frostiness grips the heart with an uncomfortable embrace The sun feels abandoned and as a loner hides behind the clouds Time seems to be frozen in an ovoid holding … Continue reading Uncomfortable Time

Incoherent Principles

The passionate speeches are somehow discriminating the real sentiments. It seems superficiality is a concerted effort of dubious minds to propagate new ideologies. There is a new sense of satisfaction and delight in twirling the ideas into an interlaced design of a contrary language. They do not sound extreme for being well-disguised with entertaining episodes to excite the minds. It’s a voyeuristic scrutiny of minds … Continue reading Incoherent Principles


Still oblivious of the behaviour ridiculing the universe Volumes of chronicles are read but rarely comprehended Does travesty transform and pen narratives in a new language? Contemptuous descriptions of life are not erased easily Gets entwined with the secret code that gives birth to time The potency of lethal doses from vicious serpentine entity Prophecy sharpen the fangs to inflict a lethal bite with vengeance … Continue reading Uncompromising


What if the thorns were flowers once? Devoid of feelings and succulent dreams Withered reluctantly to guard the flowers What if our dreams experience same fate? A boundary of existence adorned with thorns Instead of guarding, they puncture aspirations Do thorns remind of turbulent times? The neglect or fate of dreary transformation What if dreams continue to be neglected? A ruthless desire to absorb all … Continue reading Thorns

That Freedom

Sunlight wishes to trounce the relentless layers of dark feelings Effectively dust away the scandalous particles that have obfuscated life Their lewd dance continues even after the sun comes out to reprimand The blood is just lukewarm while fighting a tremulous night Satire of existence is about to be revealed by foul-mouthed narrators But the sharp ears disrupt the rhythm of recurring tone of ridicule … Continue reading That Freedom