Emotions are wrapped densely in an unrecognizable quagmire Superficial explanations are unable to sort out the incoherently blended designs Of a mind that has decided to space them with unpleasant surprises Trying to align the layout according to the convoluted stirrings of whimsical ideas There is that eccentric spark from available facets of a strangely shaped heart Surrounded by immodest intentions while marking out an unsettled … Continue reading Wrapped


Dreams from another dimension Deliberately discerning and sometimes delirious Dampened like a swab; feels weighty Drenched with perceptions and delightful Deep sleep seeps into another world Dizzying mind balances across dazing worlds Dreams are incisive and delude a morbid reality Dreary world sans dreams are deluged Deepening the relationship with eternal dimensions Daring dreams aren’t deleterious, but dreamful ~Amitav Continue reading Dreams


Trapped in shadows, the feeble winter sun gives that feeling of aloofness Heart is willing to daydream about the charismatic season and calmly observe The winter’s slumber and delicate images across the idling moments It seems, time necessarily decides to slacken the pace to alleviate the pain Another dimension comes into existence and witnessed by mortal eyes Everything that feels trapped now is thoughtfully embraced … Continue reading Pause


Wrath of a spurned heart  Inferno, Inferno, Inferno Crusts destabilise menacingly Hot ashes hide pulverised emotions The sizzling fury of revenge Decapitated reflections Yet, a victimised heart embers Destabilising existence Seared earth is a reality Nude valleys and ambitious deserts Evaporated water Melted mirrors Horrific reflections are captive In a spurned heart A battle rages on ~Amitav   Continue reading Wrath


If the words are critical reflections Their reflections may be offending and scathing At least they speak the truth A much-awaited reprieve from the hackneyed There is no use postponing the truth When it is known, yet, ignored What foolishness Allowing lies to weave cobwebs Like wily and patient spiders  Waiting to impale the truth  Suck out the juices and create morsels Gulping them down … Continue reading Critical


Snatched away mercilessly from the cradle of mind The talons of ignorance have since become a formidable force Impaled mind lost control over the ability to generate ideas To defend the thoughts from such disgusting confiscation Some mysterious myths and their explanations are deceptive Stench of pernicious power dominates the senses Ghosts become a reality as they are provided ever-changing faces As they speak in … Continue reading Seized

Indistinct Voices

Voices in a vault Restless hands initiate sinister actions Words resemble sharp stones Shaped by years of wrath Truth insults such human urges Yet, shamelessly at war Trying to crush them Fate writ with troubled times Famished hearts’ desire revenge Peace is not antonym of War When illegitimate desires rule Troubled times birth more trouble Fossilised thoughts are excavated Horrific remains are repeated Once set … Continue reading Indistinct Voices

Narrow Dreams

Unimaginative to have replaced the greens with greys Farcical race cuts precarious labyrinths instead of paths Vagabond eyes incapable of visioning any other reality Train of thoughts so often derail and thrusts ahead laboriously Narrow dreams become bitter with negativity Wish to fly without the freedom of skies across low altitudes Earthless feelings and vanishing greens are difficult realities ~Amitav Continue reading Narrow Dreams