For the Night

Gather the dreams to offer to an amiable night

Awaken early in the day, for eyes can seek friendly shadows

Has to be graceful and willing to speak cordially 

Much of life is hidden in the idle minutes of time

Now is the time to rescue those dreams from fatigue

Wait for the night like a lover yearns for a kiss

Night with clarity and darkness so heavenly

Invisible gentle winds caress the senses 

Oh humble soul, bring along the dreams as offering

Keeper of faith will descend to listen to this prayer


3 thoughts on “For the Night

    1. Hi Swetha, how have you been?

      Well, for me dreams can be manifestations of subconscious desires, dreams can be of those incidents where we were mere onlookers and did not act on time and trying to undo that inertness. Sometimes, dreams can be strong indicators of present times as well as things which we may face in coming times. For a highly conscious individual, dreams could well be a journey to unknown dimensions looking for the secret of existence and the relationship this being has in context to this universe(s).


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