Between Realities

Committed to that inner reality, the constantly blurring reality on the outside becomes a phase of slackened interest Looking into that soul with ardent eyes opens new world of possibilities coherently truthful to the universe The fragments of lies and sorcery rituals create such innumerable mirrors speaking lies through the reflections Reiterating the untruthful narratives in a language manipulated with devious powers of distractions Doubts … Continue reading Between Realities


The deepening pressures of evil creates irreconcilable fissures  Pondering too long over them can be detrimental; vanquish them before they become bold To crush the simple desires and disturb the sweet repose and pleasures of dreams It’s ungrateful to share the secrets with them and trust their allegiance Before evil can kill and rest here to influence the flow of life, it’s time to awaken  … Continue reading Evil