Hold onto

Holding on to someone else’s dream can be nerve-wracking, and sinews may snap at the constant tension. Such injuries are not only to the body but there are those brain cells that one loses erases a part of the cause and memory too. That is a parallel struggle that the body and consciousness are caught between. Here, someone is trying to quantify the dreams and their worth compared to the intensity of their feelings and how stimulating life has been at that point in time.

 Then one starts believing in stories that have been tightly wound in a concentric design of optical illusion. The rambunctious feelings of a bon vivant lead the feelings through a spiral of convoluted experiences. Following without the feelings and out of compulsions is absurd and there’s no explanation for such attempts to escape as well as scratch away the surfaces of every possible emotion. A tasteless tongue is useless and so is an insensitive heart that speaks of freedom, yet, does not let go. It’s like running away from the self but at the same time chasing a phantasm of alter-ego.


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