Do you anticipate an expression(s) or is it that your actions trigger a string of reactions which could be the antithesis of your positioned thoughts. How closely one can read faces and their expressions depend on the uncountable times the facial contours change at a given moment. You may look ridiculous while concentrating on the uninterested faces of passersby, who only care to sneer at you for your transgressions. Invading that space by getting carried away by the selfish motive of proving yourself right can be futile; only to face the angry stares and expletives. Those cusswords, although they seem to hover around the edges of vocabulary, join the mainstream communication adding some extra fuel to the incendiary remarks. Your defenses lay scattered and ego abysmally hurt. That’s how transparent one can be while navigating through a world of hostility and utter disregard for an individual. The only time one cannot pretend is when one is extremely angry and is not afraid to decimate any challenge thrown at their face. It is painful to see ruddy faces, not because of vigorous health but due to degenerative anger.


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