Looking intensely at the thorns they blur and absorbed by the heavy background Finally, the rose becomes the cynosure and eyes illuminate with its colour and kaleidoscopic reflections This is possibly the secret portal to heavenly valleys and time has come to shift toward a new dimension Symmetry of a flower and the freedom the petals exude energises the subliminal world Sudden realisation of beauty … Continue reading Focus


The perspectives of a busy world dislike the aesthetics of wasting time   It’s these introspective times when soul levitates away from the abysses   How soulful the soul feels depend on the creative ways of avoiding time   A lifestyle in contrast to the big cities that shouts freedom in disarray   Conformity feels devastated because someone stood up to their arrogance   The … Continue reading Perspectives


A cavern or space, the celestial spin doesn’t determine The spirit remains quiet while holding the keys close to the heart Until the shadows disappear; there is no communication other than silence Implausible for many when vacuous words create unnecessary uproar Everything seems merry through the fabricated perspectives Busy pursuing duality and finding an escape with the shadows The owl’s piercing gaze through a haze … Continue reading Revelation