That Fear

As screams become murmur, still narrating the worries Not asking for forgiveness, but urges the heart to indulge in melancholic drama Slavish screams transform when the depths want to berate them Kneading the soul into submission while narrating a false tale Where weaknesses may not have been, they become deeply entrenched There’s fear of abandoning the screams as uncomfortable silence clouds the eyes ~Amitav Continue reading That Fear


Lies are colourful and gregariously enchanting They are malleable and easy to craft into many designs Incredibly fast-paced along brazen alleys of pleasure Lights up the fire with few drops of spirit Insatiable face makes numerous contortions Look at the attractive eyes filled with desirable sparks Sensuality glides with wanton feelings and embraces lies Caresses constricts the heart in serpentine will ~Amitav Continue reading Lies