The Instruments

Instruments of lies with taught strings, set to different rhythms  In harmony and ecstasy the tunes cavort with a different energy Caresses the senses amorously to allure them to suspended reality The inaudible decibels are harmful enough to puncture the soul Perforated eternity and strings of lies are a twisted realm  Gazing lasciviously at the morbid fantasies with altered visions Lies love the dilettante  hearts … Continue reading The Instruments


Awakened winter and its sharp breath  Unknown whispers discuss meagre inspirations Search for that light through degrees of silence Some sentiments are eager to heal Hoping for resurgence from this numbness Feeble breath infused with astuteness Daring to strip off the excesses Hoping for those imperishable dreams Gasping in moments of anticipation Trembling reverie of unusual thoughts The abysses are frozen forever Moments will be … Continue reading Reverie


Culture of words, their excursions through meandering terrains have taken them toward urban dwellings With them, the emotions feel exhausted and unsettled; adjusting among the jostles isn’t easy For, they wish for peaceful environs and the freedom to introspect without contempt of busyness Among these caricatures and mockery, it’s difficult to maintain that pristine creativity Let the emotions distillate and settle in an unknown depth … Continue reading Culture