Either swallow the regrets or disgorge sluggish flow of condemnations They will be damned by perceptions and overenthusiastic defamers Another flurry of worries settle down with a conniving thud over dreams Regrets may appear fragile and less potent in retrospect, but always worrisome Their unknown weight weigh down and becomes a persistent burden ~Amitav Continue reading Regrets

In Poetry

Waves of poetic inconveniences Carrying torrent of emotions Menacing or mean- just perceptions Not only from connoisseurs of Art But sighs of novices too Poetry is a work from deep stirrings Furious, but camouflaged artistically Like a corkscrew, it goes deeper With twists and patterns Inconvenienced by risky feelings Struggles of poetry are real Its traits are tricky to comprehend Art is the facilitator of … Continue reading In Poetry