Prodigal thoughts lure creativity to unexplored realms 

Through many nomadic travels in solitude, in search of inimitable flair

To seek immortal treasures

Nurture them with unprecedented energy and sensibilities to speak eternally

Such wanderings isn’t vainglorious, but do not succumb to ignominious taunts

Intoxicating aspirations; not delirium, but euphoric realisation of treasures

The armour of indefatigable consciousness and jubilation of fertile verses

Sun may recline for a while but eternal light shines through any fabrications

Soul’s immensity greets the world of creativity with gratitude and humility


8 thoughts on “Creativeness

      1. My name is Toni Marie. Myth is my initials! No mystery, or evil intent attached to the name. Happy day dear poet!


      2. Go easy on me master poet.. I have laced more good into our world than my mistakes may beg to differ! 😊 My plan is to leave this world with not a grin..but a smile!

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  1. How beautifully articulate, then descriptive this is. As if I just strolled through the forest where within I live, and heard the wind whisper the meaning of beauty!


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