End of Day

End of day; the world scurries toward the darkness

Feelings collapse and wind blows with less intensity

Hiding between the labyrinthine folds of lightlessness

There’s a rush for some solace across that anonymity

Movement of problems unsettle them forever

In motion, but nowhere to go or find some reason

They trickle down the cracks and escape

Stimulates urban decay in a subtle manner

While heads are inspired by ambitious projects

Looking up at the pinnacle; foundation slips away


3 thoughts on “End of Day

  1. Very perceptive. My thoughts exactly… in one world anyway. I try to keep myself in the other one though. 😉


      1. I’ve been off, and have only recently come back on the blogs. Still working on a site. It should be up shortly.

        It took a year for me to experiment and truly understand how conscious creation works and how to do it.

        More on that later. It’s good to hear from you again as well.

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