Trying to comprehend the poet and every line are hindrances while reading poetry. This metaphorical journey is not only real compared to reality itself, but helps shape another environment for symbolism to reveal, eventually. The audacity of distorting the emotions of poetry begins with a tense mind clenched by cliché. It’s not the genre of poetry, but the rhythm that comes from the heart. The incantation of poetry is mesmerising and the eternal occult nature of verses makes them quite prophetic too. The unfelt and unseen are magnified and reflected through a charming prism. The reflections of poetry may not synchronise with everyday reality, but always coherent with the heart’s feelings and dreams.


2 thoughts on “Trying

  1. I appreciate the observation and fairness in your poem to readers.Cliché.. a key word. If I wrote how I feel about hatred, judgements, careless whispers, etc. in a different fashion, I would only be cheating myself. Charles Bukowski would have been my only fan!?😀 To be ones self is not any easy task in the poetic world of many voices? Beautiful poetry with a sparkling message!


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