The Meandering

The meandering eloquence of verses are cryptic experiences

Expensive indecisions and weary emotions seems unreal for a while

Life’s precis is punctuated even further with unnecessary commas

Insoluble feelings are unsettling while eyes stare at cloudy waters 

That which weighs down is inexplicable, but a parallel force unnatural

Nuances are smudged and slant across the coarse papers

Misshapen perceptions erase reason from the words and empty them

Through all these misadventures, the verses try to retain their emotions

Wintry feelings are feared no more amidst the staring adventures


2 thoughts on “The Meandering

  1. 🙂Is anyone’s art perfection? Yes everyone’s art should be valued! Critiquing in a negative or non-constructive way is perceived as egotistical, only my unimportant opinion. In my poetry for example, the comma is the voice. The way I would like my poem to be heard to a reader. The way I hear it while being written.(the flow) Maybe (I) should go back to the drawing board? Maybe I’ll simply let my heart speak for itself. Poetic preference is everywhere, just as a critic.Not everyone perceives poetry in the same manner. Clouded waters are the magic to finding the mystery meaning of a poem.. or not.🙂


    1. The beauty of and magnanimity of Art (verses et al ) is it allows critique and endless perceptions from its reflections and the emotions they mange to stir. Art is the healthy provocation as well as introspection. The poet composes the verses, but the reader has the freedom to interpret it as they wish to and as they relate with it. That which is constructive or negative, is again a matter of perception. The responsibility of Art is to uphold/ sustain a narrative that can be debated.


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