The Alchemy

The substance and insubstantial meaning make them fragile Like an earthenware pot which is not yet mature and delicate The fear of facing the truthful fire and the entire purifying ritual Oh, Nature! You do hide the key elements from manipulations The desire of replicating nature’s character in a restrained environment Speaks so much about our character of channelising redacted knowledge Applied to impractical dreams, … Continue reading The Alchemy

Those Words

Lustrous words kiss the bosom Ever graceful from the depths Darkness nurtures the beauty Aren’t dwarfed by impatience Graceful sways arouse the heart Idle moments to introspect Pristine feelings shall speak Inebriated with love and hope Resplendent colour of rubies Yearnings of a vibrant heart World resembles a mirror Reflecting glowing tribute Of those truthful words Ruby-red the firmament It took night’s deliriousness To seek … Continue reading Those Words


Burned down the walls before embarking on a journey Now there’s no place to call home, but endless wandering Night’s are longer and friendlier as conversations are intense Sounds unheard before are familiar and sky looks brighter After relinquishing tempestuous feelings heart feels unburdened Eyes have freedom to look beyond the pinhole windows World feels immense and magnanimous with bountiful treasures This embrace feels closer … Continue reading Beyond