Indistinct Voices

Voices in a vault Restless hands initiate sinister actions Words resemble sharp stones Shaped by years of wrath Truth insults such human urges Yet, shamelessly at war Trying to crush them Fate writ with troubled times Famished hearts’ desire revenge Peace is not antonym of War When illegitimate desires rule Troubled times birth more trouble Fossilised thoughts are excavated Horrific remains are repeated Once set … Continue reading Indistinct Voices

Narrow Dreams

Unimaginative to have replaced the greens with greys Farcical race cuts precarious labyrinths instead of paths Vagabond eyes incapable of visioning any other reality Train of thoughts so often derail and thrusts ahead laboriously Narrow dreams become bitter with negativity Wish to fly without the freedom of skies across low altitudes Earthless feelings and vanishing greens are difficult realities ~Amitav Continue reading Narrow Dreams


A search for that world continues where the heart’s prayer will be sacred Language will be easier to feel and pleasant to the ears; not mere sounds Pronunciations won’t distort the tongue, but fluency will ease the emotions Pain will ameliorate as the heart will be freed from captive negativity Translations will be transparent and allow the light to reflect off their edges Dreams free from … Continue reading Prosperity