If the words are critical reflections Their reflections may be offending and scathing At least they speak the truth A much-awaited reprieve from the hackneyed There is no use postponing the truth When it is known, yet, ignored What foolishness Allowing lies to weave cobwebs Like wily and patient spiders  Waiting to impale the truth  Suck out the juices and create morsels Gulping them down … Continue reading Critical


Snatched away mercilessly from the cradle of mind The talons of ignorance have since become a formidable force Impaled mind lost control over the ability to generate ideas To defend the thoughts from such disgusting confiscation Some mysterious myths and their explanations are deceptive Stench of pernicious power dominates the senses Ghosts become a reality as they are provided ever-changing faces As they speak in … Continue reading Seized