Thank You

Well, as seconds stealthily inch toward the finishing lines to usher a brand New Year, the mind usually becomes busy sifting through the pages of anecdotes. The table lamp becomes a companion, as it is a race against time to underline the important incidents, also, erase few of the lines for a seamless narrative. Close to the heart, this notebook is read, re-read, and adjusted to the realities that soon will be kept away for reference.

We all have our share of experiences and I would like to take this moment, when we are closely monitoring the clock (a tipping point) when a subtle crossover of time will bring new opportunities and challenges, to THANK YOU all for being so kind to visit my blog and read my work. This for you all who have joined my blog, or visits occasionally to glance through my work.

With this, my sincere gratitude and Best Wishes to everyone for a wonderful and prosperous New Year! More power to the wonderful WordPress people and wish that this becomes a positive movement with contributions for each one of you there. Wherever you are, this is my Prayer for you all! Be well, and Be Blessed! Keep writing, keep reading and let’s bring a positive change. Happiness, Health, and Success to you all!


Amitav Chowdhury

12 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Hello great post well written
    Well, I am not into New Year resolutions. I do have resolutions all the time. Not at the world clock time ticking thing. Which I think is great thing to do. I just have not do that for a few years. I too wish you wonderful and prosperous New Year!!! blessings always

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