The ‘I’ is oblivious, or even, zealously unaware of sundry feelings A serpentine view imprisons the soul and snatches away the ability to feel It’s only crude realisation of what is important of a shrinking world Resembles a tiny little pond that is dangerously on the verge of drying up The crusts surrounding the ‘I’ demarcates the precincts of understanding A wonderful world slips away … Continue reading Oblivious

Delayed Stand

Russet feelings buried deep sprout with the melancholic light Crusted feet are reminders of the bitter path travelled so far Storms delay the arrival and detours are etched in the plan Crosswinds become benign but the splints restrict movements Delayed and drifter feelings hasten to retire in the feeble bosom Fresh hope spring up to vision the world with little curious eyes It’s the movement … Continue reading Delayed Stand


That yolk of ignorance births tantrums so often Fragile shell of obstinacy cracks under duress How violent that latent anger can be is beyond comprehension The invisible leaves a lasting impression on the underbelly of confusion Apocalyptic intentions are not exaggerated When the core of life is depleted of positive energy Resentment is like a cling wrap excruciatingly smothering life ~Amitav Continue reading Resentment


Shadows from silent dimensions create an illusion Conventional eyes cannot differentiate between realities Folded within the realms of unknown existence some perceptions hide Those stirrings are stealthily stimulating When there are arguments over dominance and spatial errors Moments such as these are ridiculed by unseen realities While all experiences are perceived to be real Some realities aren’t experienced at all Another extensive preparation to theorise … Continue reading Experiences