Discovering many ways to read Sometimes cajoling the mind Brief conversations are persuasive Eyes stroll across the words Like a curious child  Looking at them for long Observations lead to scrutiny Waiting for the words to speak Freedom to explain their story How they conform or stand out Yet, patiently harmonise That’s coherence of a heart Achieved with much deliberation Prodding from the pen Inspirations … Continue reading Reading


When intuitions aren’t sharpened like an arrow The nock isn’t calibrated to find it’s way through inclement frequencies Eyes quiver; an ominous sign of a false stance  Slouched posture and diminishing enthusiasm decelerates the heart Without the beats of life being sound and bold Chances are that the hiatus for the intuitions are prolonged  A recess of restlessness and fidgeting with the sharp edges of life … Continue reading Intuitions


Ecstasy of silence and of being still Thrilling to the senses Discovering the secret languages Not loud, but profound World not disguised anymore Austerity shines brightly Symphony of eternity Happiness descends here Truly, and settles in the soul Silence is a unique composition For, who cares to listen Delicate notes have rhythm When worlds pulsate happily Birthed, a new realisation Stillness is candid and pure … Continue reading Continuity


There isn’t a sweet deal, considering the abysses they are going to explore Scourge the surfaces in an unrepentant duel with exasperation and shameless denial Gather all the curses from pits that have been carved by the sinister hands Tyranny is repetitive and considered a part of the deal  It all starts with the illegitimate duel with the self, trying to emulate a vile fallen fighter … Continue reading Fallacy