What you Think

What you think of the stars change according to the celestial haze

Trying to trick the mind while it interpolates subtle ideas in a dreamy state

One moment they seem to be stationary while they quickly change to blinking wonder

Their characteristics are birthed from a dark faraway world, yet, they shine brightest

The dichotomy of darkness conceiving light is a puzzling interstellar phenomenon

None can be sure of their nature, but always a pleasure to stare at them 

When the sky feels lonely and yearns for companions, they come and decorate the space with pulsating goodness

Still, the heart that is miles away from them, in a solitary wintry night, sees friendly eyes winking mischievously

Showering happiness and hope; darkness is still perceived to be sinister and unfriendly

What you think of the stars will change when the haze isn’t around anymore


3 thoughts on “What you Think

  1. I’m quite sure the stars have changed since I was a youth. They seem much more close and bright than at that time. The question is: Is it I, or they, which have moved?

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