Undecided eyes betray the sweet lies that sweeten the tongue Deep into the world through intense light probe the untold beliefs A vague alliance with the outside world conspires here Appearances wear off and there’s emergence of delusional language Egresses from a trance, there are plenty of voices of vices An entranced world devoted to the echoes that pounce on rugged walls An uncomfortable truth, … Continue reading Vacant

Some Ideas

Some ideas are just silhouettes Where imagination blends with light To play at a different level and wavelength It’s a magical souvenir As the eyes seek coherence From the realm of isolation  Here, communicating with light Darkness is the perfect canvas Now that they are conceived Allow them to play with your senses Dancing with the silhouettes You do not realize you could move Freely, … Continue reading Some Ideas


Languages seem similar, the room filled with different minds Choosing to continue with a narrative that’s been started by peers High pitched voices create the most extravagant drama There’s  certainly a camaraderie It lacks the clarity though, on a checkered canvas the imageries are similar- vague Patchwork of an ecosystem struggles to expand further All the important thoughts are considered miscellanies May find some comfort … Continue reading Familiarity