A Conundrum

Particles have this eternal freedom to change their ways- transform in a wink

Even before the eyes could gather some memory, but the transformation is a kind of power play

When there is a shift in their trajectory and cuts through reality

The ideal creativity would be to convince and excite them to shape according to our plan

Somehow, they slip away in another dimension of time and act naturally

Rather than claustrophobic twisted embraces among different state of controlled energy

Our fallacy; humanity has this idea of extracting confession from their core

Dancing around in an uneasy state and the riddles of earthly products are hilarious

When their gut feels violated and altered state of existence contradict their nature

No wonder they lose relevance and considered inert while experimenting

In a controlled environment, one can achieve only as much the walls allow


4 thoughts on “A Conundrum

  1. Life is a lesson book. How it happens to us is a subtle redirectioneering and engineering process. It is all good if we pause to understand where it is leading and what it means.

    There is another level though. Not a doing level, but a being level. This actually changes the landscape and how life interacts. Now there are different interactions, different guidance. Fascinating!

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  2. Lately I’ve been doing some experimentation with reality, a little particle directioneering, if you will. It is very fascinating how our states of being can alter the physical landscape that we view as static.

    Good news! None of it is static.

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