The Stories

There are some stories which are narrated in a subtle manner. They are important, but somehow, lose relevance in time. Now, time is a wily magician! It can slow down or rush any move you make. Such is the magical nature of an illusion which is deeply entrenched in the mind and body.

Stories which should have been louder takes a vow of silence and sacrifice their voice to hide in a droning sound. It is this idle buzz which actually becomes a motif. They are placed as spacers, but the alignment is questionable. So many unplanned crisscrosses adorn the designed journey. 

Some stories are neglected companions; they always stay with you, but you are unable to do justice by giving them the right voice. Right or wrong is a sensitive topic; while the ultra-sensitive neurons become defensive against a perceived judgemental voice. Every right cannot be wronged and every wrong cannot be righted. There are many situational explanations tailored according to the gravity of the wrongs that have occurred or may occur. 

Do not execute the honest stories to satisfy the make-believe world hovering over like a hawk. They do not become irrelevant if no one is interested in them. Their importance is determined by your heart; the heart that still beats for them, rather coyly.


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