Chanceless wandering while seeking across the abysm Time is irrelevant and reviled by the wicked darkness Back and forth, the thoughts are tumultuous waves Alone in the alternate eternity so craftily replicated Foundation of abeyance grips the feet aggressively Sky dissolves and a membrane of falsehoods appear Amateurish seeking through the deep and shrewd alleys ~Amitav Continue reading Forlorn


With leaden thoughts trying to contort and fit in a box Claustrophobic freedom, yet there’s so much anticipation  Pruned; to be fixed with some other branching thoughts Without the luxury sunshine, dependent on artificial lights Gleefully prancing around the boxed world Timed existence; always hurried and educated to follow the clock The chorus sounds strange within the confines High frequency of anxiety dancing around in … Continue reading Rise


Sometimes you conspire and combine to replicate an idea  With the idea of strengthening its voice, but the inevitable happens And diminishes its relevance after being diluted with vacuous and pompous words Realisation, that ideas are not conveyed by words alone Intentions determine their values; without a destination and staying without expectations The foundation of relationship with creativity does not happen with sentences Or, with … Continue reading Affectations


Even the earth has to cry foul  Indignations persistent and careless plunder Human transgressions cultivated Hoping for a yield of grand power Foolish squabbles and squalid languages Duplicity doubles the trauma Complain, complain, complain Feelings of helplessness and rage Look in the mirror, reflecting vile character Grubby hands grab morsels of distress Infuriates the lingering hunger Insatiable urge to outrage the flow of life ~Amitav Continue reading Foul