Sometimes you conspire and combine to replicate an idea 

With the idea of strengthening its voice, but the inevitable happens

And diminishes its relevance after being diluted with vacuous and pompous words

Realisation, that ideas are not conveyed by words alone

Intentions determine their values; without a destination and staying without expectations

The foundation of relationship with creativity does not happen with sentences

Or, with pretentious representation, while conforming to dictums

Seems to be lofty ideas, but they deflate at the first instance 

Needled by time for obvious reasons; to test the relationship or conspiracies

To combine, because of a conceited plan to impress and for some applauds


4 thoughts on “Affectations

      1. It is their reality of only a vile illusion. They see only money and mainstream news. I just walked across a field with my dogs. All I could see were horses and hills. It was as though I was the richest person on earth for those moments. It costs nothing to find The Divine source. Thank you again. Stay in your vortex of truth and completeness. I am away on my journey, alone but never fearful.

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