When the mind isn’t bored with selfish staring at the reflection There aren’t any avenues to explore other than the mind can control Looking deep, and then, deeper into the soul which is wrapped in ennui Sunken eyes and repetitive heart recites the same old rhymes Phenomenon of persecuting those who are not interested in listening An uncontrollable mind tries to control the thoughts of … Continue reading Stare


How horrible the page would look with all the scribbles Never been turned, but always ideas jotted down with fresh ink Ideas may be stale or fresh, they intermingle uncomfortably Not out of harmonious feelings; lazy fingers didn’t want to work Even the fresh ink becomes stale and curdles along with the old Reeking of confusion and drawing the epitome of laziness One who can … Continue reading Unease


How long can the conspiracies survive, if not being nourished by malefic morsels Straining the resources while weaning them off from the hungry mouths Alienating them and segregating with intentions vile Every day, spurious thoughts collect in the once purist crucible Hankering for few pieces of the spoils, even if one has to fuel the conspiracies Just to be close enough to the books and … Continue reading Enough