There will be incoherence When the esoteric feel distant Echoes seem to be indistinct Earsplitting moments  Senses aestheticised  Swivel with the drivel Languages become weak Tongue-tied articulation Putting money unnecessarily Where feelings are required Filling the crucible with woes Preposterous success Defined with specks of ridiculousness ~Amitav Continue reading Incoherence

The Poet

Poet works with the shadows to throw light upon the nebulous desires It’s important to elucidate the solemn ways of the darkened world Mysterious awakening of the mind deceive sleep to carry on the wandering To seek from the corners and soften the edges that threaten the thoughts There will be numerous unbelievers but is necessary to plant fertile ideas Do not bother the skeptical … Continue reading The Poet


When you look out but does little to transform your outlook Dormant looks barely speak with the changing environment  Some particles won’t metamorphose or dance with the change With enthusiasm and life’s energy to nourish it out of boredom Stringent perspectives won’t disentangle to allow breathing Looking isn’t enough when the inner voice is unheard Estranged from the heart and mind, the outlook seems to … Continue reading Viewpoint