The Frantic Eyes

Either the eyes rush toward the lights or camouflage in the darkness Their unpredictable behaviour emerge from the uncertain visions Piercing through life a dividing reality with some distinct likes and dislikes Mirrors of mirages are undulating visions across the harsh forsaken lands Life bends unusually through the anomalies slanting menacingly toward each other ~Amitav Continue reading The Frantic Eyes


It’s archaic speaking in a dialect that does not evolve from the darkness Whatever may be the subject, they feel subjected to a limited scope of discussion Never coming out of the shadow of a definitive character of an ego Replicated in many dimensions reflecting from uninspiring surfaces Caught between numerous intersections of busy conversations  Only to an uprising that subsides unenthusiastically and meekly in … Continue reading Archaic


Smell of mundane hangs too low, rather heavy for the senses Their frivolousness plays too much with the emotions; there’s no reason though To accentuate their behaviour through loosely woven languages What’s with all the euphoria surrounding the incredulously divided territories Feet stuck in the region demarcated by the mundane philosophies Someone who observes cannot hide the doubt over the beliefs and propagations Try convincing the … Continue reading Mundane