For the Story

How many times do you narrate the story to lengthen it and accommodate the finer details? It’s so important to prolong the perspectives to familiarise with the finer details. The sequencing is arranged according to the willingness of the heart; it has so much to say. The heart is a patient observer and listener. It has to imbibe every little detail to prepare for a lengthy argument with life. Even after missing the beats, it has the adroitness to capture the subtle details. Life is so much of silence and less about noise. Unfortunately, the sequence is tossed around and placed in an obstructive manner. When noise is considered the crucial aspect of comprehending and communicating life, it contradicts the gravity of silence. It’s like deliberately upsetting the narratives that help build a story. How can the mind understand the true characteristics of the characters? Noise is a cladding which insulates the senses from absorbing the rhythm and finer details. Not often, the eyes are the centre of attention in a narration. The eyes are the gateways to an unknown universe which holds the secret of life. When a story is capable of narrating that intensity of silence and a world it embraces so intimately, it becomes a wonderful extension of creativity.


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