Fusion of Nature

Eyes glide over the flow Unable to turn away from the gaze Reflections look different in churnings What a mesmerising blend of nature With feelings birthed from isolation Change unfolds so rapidly Interesting stories emerge from ripples Azure eyes contemplate over change Wandering emotions enroute Sound affairs of the heart and mind Discussed intimately with echoes Horizon bend so eloquently The sparkles of life are … Continue reading Fusion of Nature


On an uneventful and dull day, the sky surprisingly looks benevolent Lights ethereal emerge from the cosmic benediction The hunger to know and portray the reality isn’t considered suspicious anymore Verses resonate with the voice of an eternal Muse to magnify the soul Of the reality beyond realities and falsehoods of woes and worries Another universe gives space to meditate on the glorious existence called life ~Amitav Continue reading Surprising

Between Reflection

You and your reflection part ways unknowingly Faint and eccentric, it plays with the emotions of light and dark Is that where fables are born?  From the dichotomy of characters facing each other and antagonising  When predetermined answer is an arrogant ‘NO’ The feeling of losing a part of the self over the dilemma is a splitting image Fear transforms into agony, and in turn, … Continue reading Between Reflection