Sometimes the heart is in love with sadness of the sky Solitude pushes the expectations from such moments sombre It may be too early to vision the dual nature of light Without yearning for fancy places and charming streets Soaked in a cheerless moment emphasise the importance of laughter Thoughts are precious and adorn the mind like a rosary Some tranquil prayers are powerful and … Continue reading Visions


Slaying those feeling out of hatred from ignorance Incapable of climbing the ladder and reaching for remote feelings Cradling the emotions of truth, waiting to be discovered In every crevice and depth they hibernate, waiting for the curious eyes  To find and befriend them without threatening their existence Unfortunate, so many feelings becoming rare from unrefined behaviour Inciting jealousy and vulgarity to wreck the sanctity of … Continue reading Miserable


Depending on the comprehension of chaos Picking those grains of significance from the din of existence Those changing patterns and traits influenced by attraction How brave one can be, to surrender to the chaotic wonder Some realities are revealed only when the soul is submerged Breathing the changing eccentricities of universe  Even the oldest objects seem stubborn to the untrained eyes In reality, they change … Continue reading Chaos