Of Emptiness

An empty crucible cannot be emptied further Even a feeble wind sets it into a coerced motion Swaying with an empty stare without any care Rare streak of resistance cannot stop its journey A facade of being carefree and untroubled  Fools the eyes, but the ears do not miss the murmur Of emptiness it bothers about in a lonely corner A world that grumbles about … Continue reading Of Emptiness

Of Life and Acceptance

Happiness is in the ineffable love for everything around me Aurora divine shares myriad warmth emanating from the core of its bosom Infinite love for the infinite soul with the cadence of happy songs Talismans appear across the horizon with the designs of eternal halo Call sincerely on Nature’s grace to understand the purpose of universe Existence is harmonious flow and the ultimate surrender is … Continue reading Of Life and Acceptance

Listen with Purpose

What you tell, is what you hear from sundry voices Wait! Listen keenly to that feeble voice trying to connect Distracted heart and impatient ears go off to faraway lands Following those voices narrating from antsy moments When tongue gets tied with unscrupulous feelings Language dilutes with pessimism and sudden outbursts Disparaging the healthy language and discouraging hope Of listening to optimistic voices of transformation To … Continue reading Listen with Purpose