Vital Thoughts

Some vital thoughts of consciousness have been suppressed for too long and a concerted effort to make them irrelevant by pushing them beyond the subliminal realms of the mind. Those thoughts would have served well to guide the mind toward a conscious living. In a distracted environment orchestrated by the world around, there are many instances where sinful actions have been aggrandized and implanted in the mind to make them appear appropriate. There is a struggle, or rather, a collective effort to introduce these thoughts that are double-edged and lethal. They seem to be edgy and exhilarating at the same time; this is the exact amount of dichotomy injected into the conscious mind. A misdirected consciousness does not have the perfect balance to ponder upon the coercive misdemeanours. It is a dicey world; it pounces upon the mistakes that are subconsciously manipulated from a young age. It creates an environment where the extrinsic thoughts become more important and most part of life is spent on dwelling on them. They force themselves along the walls of the mind and manage to break down the resistance. Such uninhibited flow of thoughts, without analysing their merits is like having an intruder who is (mis) directing the course of life. Although the mind would like to believe in the idea of an ideal individuality, in reality, there is a stubborn eraser which obliterates the vital subconscious knowledge. It is like an intruder come in to blemish the sacred scriptures from eternity; knowledge that would have strengthened the consciousness and given more understanding of life and its purpose. It is unfortunate to dwell outside of oneself and allow those unwanted influences to persist with their changes and upheavals to ruin the purpose. Believing in everything that the lazy ears hear is stupidity. Most of life is comprised of what dwells within; yet, the outward experiences pull away from the core of life and comprehension.  There’s a safe abode where one can build a life the way one wishes to and strengthen the mind to make rational decisions. The idea of being in the midst of chaos have been misinterpreted since ages and there has been a crusade to manipulate the particles of nature to orchestrate an alternative reality, which gives the false belief of control and power. More manipulations mean more unwanted objects increasing the amount of clutter (thoughts) which prove not only to be detrimental but delusional too. What’s beyond the subconscious? Well, if continuity is the way of life, it will direct life to another (sub) conscious realm and provide an opportunity to awaken to a new existence where the mind will act as a knowledgeable guide; the knowledge that is intrinsic and embedded in every molecule of the body.


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