Pale Evening

Pale evening and uninspiring reading Frail words look bleached and uncovered Staring stupidly at those curious eyes Chin pressed against the knees, its time to ponder Staring at their unbelievable features Grimacing emotions feel claustrophobic The bare walls keep watching like sentinels Curiously searching for inspiration Seeking freedom from invisible burdens Dark corners do not bend anymore Ti’s time to defeat the dark forces of nature … Continue reading Pale Evening

You Decide

Mobility isn’t agility; sounds contradictory, but if you think over it, it may be clearer. Everything is energy, and any movement requires you to spend it, to transfer you from one point to another. Even while you are thinking, you use certain amount of energy and the kind of thoughts matter too. Positive thoughts surround you with a sense of goodness and lessen the effect … Continue reading You Decide