You Decide

Mobility isn’t agility; sounds contradictory, but if you think over it, it may be clearer. Everything is energy, and any movement requires you to spend it, to transfer you from one point to another. Even while you are thinking, you use certain amount of energy and the kind of thoughts matter too. Positive thoughts surround you with a sense of goodness and lessen the effect of negative ones. There is always a struggle to ascertain the objective and purpose of life through the given dimension. You have a responsibility to shape the facets to allow the right amount of light to pass through. The more finer and smoother the cuts or facets, you will facilitate uninhibited flow of light. More often, you are handed over a predetermined scope of thinking. The mind is capable of processing much more than we usually do, thus, belittling the enormous potential of existence. You have a relationship with life and the experiences you ought to have should be unique and not ascertained by outside factors. There is inherent knowledge available to you to shape life the way you want. Only challenge is the myriad conflicts which interrupt the skill development process. Being a master craftsman at a subliminal level requires undivided attention and focus. You have to channelise the energy toward the right direction. Let me visit the initial statement I made, ”Mobility isn’t agility”; it is important to save precious energy to use it for potential development of a path which you determine to follow. You have to choose with determination. When you allow that freedom in your life you also allow similar positive light to enter you being as a natural relationship and bonding develops with the universe. You start feeling the positive effects of change and transformation that becomes a continuous process. Any aimless mobility and that too, because someone influences you or coerces you with consequences, undermine the positive dimensions of your existence. You have to imbibe silence and less energy consuming activities to meditate on the those blurred dimensions. There are too many factors which is lessening the impact of your existence on this auspicious world. You have to step back to either reign the distracting energies or completely let go to establish stability and control over your being. There will be many who would want to trivialise life and try to convince of the only path of struggle and despair. Well, it’s your ears and sense, you have control over your sense and choose what to listen or see. Again, it may sound cliched, there is always a choice. You have the power to establish and ascertain the kind of relationship you wish to have with life. This may all seem too vague reading through this passage, but you have the choice to determine whether these words have any merit. You have a choice to read or dismiss it as another philosophical storm which is not worth much.


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