Cluster of troubles dance in ecstasy between the euphoric cross-sections of strobe lights Such a delightful environment is created from the amplification of dilemmas Conundrum of troubles possess the magical power to attract other troubles into their world Hypermobility of thoughts and their changing ethos interact with the hyperactive world They do not respond to the natural lifecycle of change, but always have a mind of … Continue reading Troubles


I do not wish to wrap myself in a blanket of thoughts that cannot save me from harsh winter Somehow, woven hastily with tattered thoughts, they weaken the entire fabric of the mind The inclement weather pulverise the being repeatedly and there’s no defence against the tirades Everyday harangue with the flawed ideologies cannot stretch the already frail life any further Let the mind be without ideas … Continue reading Blanketed


The strung-out words wrenches the beautiful feelings Distraught and distorted, their reflections are contorted reality Mirror may be accused to be at fault for mirroring the twisted realms There is a world beyond oneself where the eyes can seek  With freedom and not being reprimanded for accentuating the defined contours Specific and determined, a vainglorious passion amplifying certain emotions Which seems to be cathartic, but … Continue reading Deceptions