Complex Seeking

How does the mind find its way through the darkness illumined with illusions? It plays with the ephemeral images, silhouetted with prejudices. If opinions were credible explanations, then there would have been clarity. The intriguing habit of manipulating with matters churned out in the experimental sarcasm, perfecting the onerous production of fanciful burden. The irate ways and communication blunders create a pattern of a haphazard journey in bandaged visions. There won’t be any righteous ways until the nonsensical theories are censured and erased from the path ahead. The suppressed subconscious yields some potent hallucinating elements. A narrow passage of prejudices experiences a rush of other such extrinsic factors. Dangerous falsehoods are corroborated and propagated with much disdain. There are so many things that are birthed from reticent ideologies and dumped on the mind to make life burdensome. It’s all about the wants while neglecting the needs. “It has been, and will always be”, is the dialogue of the reluctant minds that fear change. Until a certain time, they can be enjoyed and even celebrated in a stupor, but truth prevails. Conscious beings need to evolve and reach for the truth instead of allowing grief to deluge life. Strength is derived from truth and not from ignoring the falsehoods making life weaker.


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