Rough Ages

Gloved hands, elastic feel with stretchy safety measures Craving to touch the surfaces that have been freshly painted  To colour the blemishes and cracks of old wooden chinks of rough times Patience of forest silence withers after weathering many seasons Natural colours wear off and withdraw with evaporating moisture Sinewy look of the once robust torso speaks a tale of ages ~Amitav Continue reading Rough Ages


Do reasons speak when the mind is impaled by jagged thoughts There’s no reason to choose them and torment the mind From dawn to dusk the painful experience flusters reasoning Faltering language speaks in dichotomous tone  When seeking serenity, the heart is hesitant of approaching any other All other dimensions obliterated from the annals of existence Mechanical speaks are trained by manipulative algorithms An entire ecosystem … Continue reading Reasons

To Experience Life

The irresolute emotions breathing in self-seeking desires Loses the vision of a wonderfully expanding world, ready to embrace life and mediate between the upheavals There are lesser chances of escaping the conundrum of woes while desperately looking at the image sculpted from delusional eyes The silhouettes cannot walk around the empire of light without feeling the nakedness From the fetal position to many wanderings with … Continue reading To Experience Life