The Frivolous Eagerness

There’s never an eagerness to hold on to thoughts that have not metamorphosed Haven’t been able to absorb the concepts of the universe to resonate the subtle changes Instead of creating an alter-ego and staring exasperatedly at the faulty mannerisms Reflected off the illusionary mirrors, conceived by the drops of ignorance To stultify the images and also allow them to be mocked at by the … Continue reading The Frivolous Eagerness


At the eternal altar, sitting there cloaked in ultimate silence Affinities of the heart transcended worldly attractions  Lyrical mantras reverberate across the celestial dome; a pleasure for the senses  Seeking to immerse in the waves of oceanic wonder; like oyster yields pearls, the soul will word of wisdom From the unknown depth to the limitless zenith, a journey of solitary soul Rosy evenings are divinely aromatic; … Continue reading Affinities


Scuttled ideas unsettle the words Through haphazard and unrestrained sentences In scattered ink, blemishes cloak them in weirdness Wiry sentences chained in distorted girdles There’s no scope of curious eyes getting to close to their meaning Lucky, not to be surprised by their wayward patterns Such chimaeras are conceived in some convoluted world Which may not even come from an ovular reality Of life, which resonates … Continue reading Hurried