It’s difficult explaining the hibernating thoughts about the dreary business Of hurriedness and feelings brushing across in fleeting moments of tryst With the exalted ideas magnified through a carefully planned plot for a narrative Which plans to erase the awareness about the highly spirited nestled in the soul Trying to fend off the divisive ideology and resisting the loss of metacognition In the winter of … Continue reading Difficulty

Erasing Absurdities

Don’t fill up the pages with garbage Have some respect for those pristine spaces Allow the ink to purify the true feelings Wait, before spilling them over in a hurry Wasting their potency on negativity Ink can revive the words with hopeful mantra Chronicle the stories with humility Seeing the ink lose its power over creativity Is painful to the eyes seeking poetic rhythm Integrating … Continue reading Erasing Absurdities


Bogs made up of sludge do not reflect but absorbs light hungrily A strange wetland mired in controversies and mysterious appearances Feet being dragged under by some sinister force; strange behaviour for shallowness Heart sinks, fearing the behaviour of a land that has been deluged with negativity Stinks for sure, but the senses are overpowered by a strange smell Land oozes threatening behaviour while walking … Continue reading Sinister