A Direction

Decide a trajectory, choose ideas that can propel a mind toward freedom Choices create paths; there’s little satisfaction walking on trampled paths Ravaged by excessive unsure steps decided by those who want to be followed Conformity becomes a choice by conditioning and coercive ideologies One moment of repentance pressure the heart to seek freedom from obsolescence Awakened mind seeks beyond the blue to find different … Continue reading A Direction

True Dimensions

Propagating untruths and fear and asking a favour of love in return Is a devious idea of acquiring sympathy from the truthful and virtuous The dimensions of lies are aberrations from which perceptions suffer In obscurity of darkened world moving dangerously through narrow labyrinths Death of subliminal feelings revive the murky ones; they thrive in vile environs Discriminating evil is essential to save the sanctity … Continue reading True Dimensions

Events and Truths

In the event of false knowledge, what are the chances for reality shaping up truthfully? Of course, the contradiction is quite clear from the statement, and a sincere argument cannot be constructed from the fragments of truth that are becoming obscure. The events of obfuscating the truth have been a deviously lucrative affair since ages; no one would authentically determine the narrative of truth, since, … Continue reading Events and Truths