Events and Truths

In the event of false knowledge, what are the chances for reality shaping up truthfully? Of course, the contradiction is quite clear from the statement, and a sincere argument cannot be constructed from the fragments of truth that are becoming obscure. The events of obfuscating the truth have been a deviously lucrative affair since ages; no one would authentically determine the narrative of truth, since, lies have been woven in a crafty manner from the loose ends, to create a complete canvas of fantasy. The horrible craftsmanship is conspicuous to the meticulous eyes. For each truth, there has always been an alternate and twisted reflection from the surfaces of scripted drama to overshadow the original. The effective distractions are affectations of elusive minds. Convoluted narratives reign the free-thinking mind to keep them in a constant state of delusion. From such ubiquitous doubts, self-doubts root themselves deeper, ultimately, conquering the mind with strangulating creepers. Life becomes a trade-off with the lies and eventually, a compromise to settle for the lesser lies. Such lengthy situations have stretched consciousness into flimsy strips of cognition. When experiments are concocted, there are chances of adulterated thoughts gaining acceptance through an illegitimately legitimate environment of subjugation with lies. People propagating truths are ostracised and those with false narratives are celebrated with honours. The false euphoria of following and being part of the gratifying consciousness creates a suffocating orb of existence. Sucked out from the bubble, another bubble of false truths wreaks havoc; weakens the senses and mindfully attaches the minds with stern reactions if they do not conform to the environment. How innocent are the stories?  Lies mutate at a rapid rate due to the anomalies and alter the genetic code of truths. Such dystopian thoughts become reality and are embedded in every possible building block.  Repetitive learning and memorising them bolster their zeal to alter the critical thinking process.


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