The Drama

Relentless drama trickle with emotions of ulterior motives Characters play out after convoluted exchange of dialogues Romancing the tragedies and creating realities at will Elucidating the occurrences and cloaking them with excuses Pride of lies light up the stage to dazzle those captive audiences It’s eloquence and  daredevilry adding dimension to superficiality A bold drama sans creativity cannot fool the audience for long ~Amitav Continue reading The Drama

Endearing Night

Endearing night shares stories that have been forgotten in time Moon shines brighter and reflect a childlike wonder with eternity’s smile Listening to the stories erase distances and differences Universe assembles in a profound pattern to elucidate the meanings This light quenches the thirst of a mind wanting to know the stories Generous night stays a little longer to narrate them with equanimity Lingering freshness and enthused … Continue reading Endearing Night