Such Contradictions

Writing isn’t a conspiracy but writing about it or in connivance with one is Whether a convoluted narrative or candid lies, make sure truth is buried deeper Honest confessions of deceitful desires dripping with lascivious tales Premonitions are slighted; wishing, the crystal orb will settle the fate In a Faustian deal; awaiting the overpowering of lies and triumph of diabolical will Contracts of contradictions offers … Continue reading Such Contradictions

Misused Words

Abusing those words when they are prepared for an unnecessary diatribe Under duress, they lose confidence and their meaning is lost in the commotion New meanings or insinuations are thrust upon them; attempt to armour the motives Incisive meanings have the ability to disable the honest attempt at communication Holler at the silent observers, create a scene and drama over a flimsy plot Dance like the … Continue reading Misused Words