There is a conscience, and it questions persistently Answering is a choice as it is to run away from it and steal a path  Fancy peeking into the minds and collecting those thoughts? Taking frantic notes and attaching dodgy meanings to create fantasies Many such aggrandized pieces seduced into silent resignation Fanfare and frolic; cavorting to the lascivious tunes Conscience witnesses the nonsense and has a … Continue reading Conscience


Elaborate summaries; their oral narrations are open to distortions You would ask those questions, but reply would be restricted and condensed With curdled interpretations; world viewed with nebulous eyes  Tongue waves at the words which are accepted in catacombs Such grave words summarising the entire meaning in a hasty manner Would you still believe in the proficiency of languages? Muddled thoughts scripted and directed by … Continue reading Summarizing

For a Long Time

Away from those simultaneous experiences It’s a freedom to think, but an unenviable escape Once a casual observer becomes keenly involved There emerges new convictions and truth to deal Some unopened realities are waiting to be released Some kind of intelligence pushes away the distractions Dreams cannot be forsaken after defeating daydreams Caresses of another consciousness awaken the soul It is not humiliating to stay … Continue reading For a Long Time