Doubtful Visitor

It’s a hard stare at the wooden door With a quizzical face waiting for it to open Till that time, prowling around the patio As if figured out an ogre of the woods Still living in the spirit of forest attire Scrutinizing the home with sleazy eyes Chewing on the images of delusions That door wouldn’t open for them Someone may be contemplating deep Busy … Continue reading Doubtful Visitor

Set Free

The ‘I’ may be a lie; created from cajoled perceptions Some even pinned by others to shape according to their convenience Not as flexible as the spine but an irritatingly docile existence Interactions and interpretations in euphoric voices The plasticity and artificiality shapes the characteristics Everyday surrenders are irritating, but eventually one has to To liberate from this ‘I’ and breathe freedom is a positive … Continue reading Set Free