If Writing Means Anything

The maturity of a writer reflects in writings which are not imprisoned in self-indulgent thoughts. A writer should have the ability to absorb myriad emotions, and express the same, carefully through the narratives; often, pushing away personal pain to accommodate the feelings of others. A writer can become a friend to all while offering the writings as reliable communication with everyone. It’s often difficult to rise … Continue reading If Writing Means Anything

Love Affair with Thoughts

Love affair with thoughts continue to intrigue the mind Even the heart is unaware sometimes and baffled at the emotions Arising from an unknown space of existence; a search continues Thoughts may stifle and trifle, even miscalculate the relationship Eyes wide open but the images remain constant and repetitive Change seems to be a disguised distraction to colour perceptions Evanescent love affair with thoughts magnify the … Continue reading Love Affair with Thoughts

With Illusions

Betraying an illusion convincingly does give that thrill of usurping the given moments Here, eternity has a wry smile; looking at the silliness of such unrealistic exchanges Communicating vigorously with a language of comfort, but not necessarily truthful Elongated pause and excuses dance around the mirage in the midst of nowhere Reality transforms into a chase of phantom thoughts planted by distorted reflections Yet, time … Continue reading With Illusions