Precious Moments

When the night looks brighter, looks at you longingly

Thank the stars and the moment not embellished with lies

Clarity looks into the eyes with love and draws a beautiful drawing of a soul

Only time when an eternal dimension has a face sits beside you like a friend

Exhausted days went off to sleep early

Here’s a chance to be friendly with the soul amidst clear sparkles of stars

Moon is the unbiased witness narrating the precious moments to cosmic ears

Chimeras run away; fear of being exposed by the probing night

Lies are dead and the ears have a chance to listen to the soul carefully

Vulgar seekings, diabolic overtures stand there banished

A poet does not have to rummage through heaps of unnecessary subjects

Wretched talks cannot dilute the essence of a heartfelt dialogue

Today, it’s a gathering of cosmic forces to protect this beautiful moment

Deceitful faces look down and ashamed of their deeds; ostracised, they look forlorn

There’s this beautiful language to compose a new verse 

Wind dances around in euphoria listening to the rhythm of emotions

Such is the inspiration of existence that the Moon wishes to highlight 

Soulful times have just begun with dreams of transforming the essence of life

Crystal clear night places hope and glory deep in the soul

Only to retire after an honest rendezvous to dwell in this body

With new dreams, a journey has just started and many paths to walk on


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