From Depths

Night robes the body with affection An erudite Moon look on at the soul  Speaking to the sage emotions there Wise is the night to believe in them Legends are born from the feelings Echoed in depths in profound tone Invoking the celestial eyes to open Time is eternal for soul to awaken Pray that universe’s rhythm thunder To clear the inimical clouds around Conjuring … Continue reading From Depths

The Eagerness to Change

Do you write with the expectations of living up to the dreams of creating a piece of literature that has never been given a voice or misunderstood and neglected by everyone? Creativity is a sword which rips open the obfuscating veils to reveal stories. Stories that have remained neglected for a long time due to the apathy of finding appropriate words to give them a … Continue reading The Eagerness to Change

The Hand

The hand can be creative Sow seeds of hope with words Watch feelings bloom Spirited ink inspire the roots Of letters that read to the heart Touching universe’s beauty Hand blessed with eternity Soundless moments of Earth It’s a parallel reality in lines The defeat of Behemoth Freedom reclaimed Verses are too profound Awaken the ears Invoke the mighty minds Hand is revered Closing the … Continue reading The Hand